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In hmolscience, molecular evolution table (TR:124) (LH:6) (TL:130) refers to the 2005 to present ordering of the evolution or molecular form change of species, hydrogen to human, in a table format, ordered by increasing element-in-species count, each characteristic species shown with its molecular formula, compiled by Libb Thims.


In 2002, Libb Thims calculated a 26-element human molecular formula, based on mass composition and element functionality. In 2005, Thims, after calculated more molecular formulas, for species humans are said to have descended from, made on online "molecular evolution table". This was followed by a "poster-sized version" for classroom use and an "evolution timeline", side-ways scrollable.

66AE | Version

The following is the latest version (Sep 66AE) of the molecular evolution table, shown with more exact[1] formation dates, as found the opening section of the Abioism: No Thing is Alive book:[2]

Molecular evolution table 66AE.png

2005 | Version

In 2005, Libb Thims made the following poster board display size "molecular evolution table" to explain to students, visually, and step-wise, each row being a molecule or chemical species, with an new extra element, as determined by mass composition of each molecule or species shown, according to which, one can see "mechanistically" how, over time, hydrogen has transformed into large molecular species, eventually becoming or turning into a human:[3]


In 2007, Thims, in his Human Chemistry (§:5 Molecular Evolution), incorporated this table, with elaboration on the steps, hydrogen to human.[4]

In 2008, Thims, in his The Human Molecule, incorporated this table, with elaboration on the history of the "human molecule" viewpoint and recent "human molecular formula" calculations.[5]

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