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In existographies, Michel Onfray (4- AE) (1959- ACM) (PR:33,972|65AE / philosopher:912) (FA:238) (CR:7) (LH:3) (TL:10) is a French atheist philosopher and historian, noted for []


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“The French writer Michel Onfray created a publishing sensation with his Counter History of Philosophy[1], which concentrates on the materialist and atheist authors. His The Ultras of the Enlightenment (Les Ultras de Lumieres), devotes entire chapters to personal heroes such as Mettrie, Meslier, Helvetius, and Holbach — but not Diderot?”
Philipp Blom (2010), A Wicked Company (pg. 311) [2]

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“I am a sworn atheist and therefore from my point of view the Talmud or the Koran don't constitute works of political philosophy but rather writings that stand in utter contradiction to concepts like logic, freedom, feminism, secularism, brotherhood - which are my ideals.”
— Michel Onfray (c.2005), Publication[3]

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  • Onfray, Michel. (2005). Atheist Manifesto: the Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (§P5: Atheology’s dazzling light, pgs. 6-8) (translator: Jeremy Leggatt). SkyHorse, 2011.

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