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In terms, metabolism (LH:#), from Greek metabole meaning "change"[1], refers to []


The following are quotes:

“The word ‘metabolism’ has come into use in this country as equivalent to the German word ‘stoffwechsel’, which strictly means ‘exchange of material’.”
— Edward Schafer (1898), Textbook of Physiology, Volume One (pg. 868) [2]
“Sooner or later the phenomenon today known as ‘autocatalysis’ would have appeared. In autocatalysis, one of the products of the reaction stimulated by the catalyst is more of the catalyst itself. By such developments, droplets, that started as ‘inert bags of chemicals’, could slowly lead to structures with properties of growth, metabolism, and reproduction at least crudely similar to those exhibited by modern single-celled organisms”.
Dean Wooldridge (1968), Mechanical Man: the Physical Basis of Intelligent Life (pg. 23) [3]
“A ‘meta-molecule’ [tentative term] is a molecule whose existence depends on some form of metabolism and or atomic turnover rate.”
Libb Thims (66AE), “wakeup note”; reflection on starting Abioism book at the bacteria / sub-bacteria divide, of the molecular evolution table, with rumination on those who object to referring to a person as a ‘molecule’, May 24

End matter


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