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In terms, materialism (CR:298) (LH:8) (TL:306|#113), from matter-, meaning: "[add]", + -ism, meaning: "doctrine or view", refers to []


The following are related quotes:

“The extreme materialistic school [e.g. John Tyndall (1874)] believes that all human history, all yearnings of man for immortality, all life, from that of the noblest of human beings to that of the primordial ‘animated germ’, are explained by this class as the result of the interaction of material atoms guided by certain measurable physical forces. They have no reason to believe there is anything [e.g. supernatural or divine] beyond the visible universe, and in consequence they decline entering into any argument upon the subject. They have examined all the evidence in favor of another universe [future state/afterlife] and find it utterly worthless. It is one of those delusions that are common to man, such as when a traveler, without evidence, pretends to have received information about some strange and distant country.”
Balfour Stewart (1875), The Unseen Universe: Physical Speculations on a Future State (co-author: Peter Tait) (pg. 46) [1]

End matter


  1. Stewart, Balfour and Tait, Peter G. (1875). The Unseen Universe: Physical Speculations on a Future State (phosphorus, pgs. 46-50). Macmillan.

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