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In terms, marriage (CR:255) (LH:8) (TL:263|#140), from Latin: “mas”[1] or “maris”, meaning: “[add]”, from “marry-”, meaning: “to join as husband and wife according to law or custom”, + -age, meaning: “a forming noun indicating a process, action, or a result”, refers to []


The following are quotes:

“Something like a second law of thermodynamics seems to function in marriage — that is, when marital distress exists, things usually deteriorate (entropy increases).”
John Gottman (1999), The Marriage Clinic (pg. 5) [2]
“Senator Proxmire[3] was trying to turn back the clock by criticizing valid research on love. Proxmire himself has suffered marital separation. I would think that he especially would want to understand about love being the basis for the marriage contract.”
— Ellen Berscheid (1975), “Proxmire Barb Goes Unloved”[4]

End matter


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