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In existographies, Marcus Aurelius (1834-1775 BE) (121-180 ACM) (IQ:180|#125) (PR:157|65AE / politician:#) (Cattell 1000:50) (RGM:81|1,350+) (Becker 139:42) Stokes 100:16) (Listal 100:85) (Perry 80:4|Li) (FA:24) (EPD:F3) (GPhE:#) (CR:35) (LH:3) (TL:38), aka "Antoninus" (Holbach, 1770), was a Roman "philosopher king", politician, the 16th Roman emperor (Ѻ), noted for []


In 167AD, Aurelius, in his his Mediations, extols on a common sense practical Heraclitus-Zeno stylized stoicism; characterized as the "gospel of those who do not believe in the supernatural" (Zimmern, 1887).


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The following are quotes by Aurelius:

“One who is afraid of an operation of nature, is a child.”
— Marcus Aurelius (167AD), Meditations (§:2.12) [1]
Reason and the ‘reasoning art’ (philosophy) are powers which are sufficient for themselves and for their own works. They move then from a first principle which is their own, and they make their way to the end which is proposed to them; and this is the reason why such actss are named Catorthoseis or right acts, which word signifies that they proceed by the right road.”
— Marcus Aurelius (167AD), Meditations (§:5.12, pg. 152)


  1. Aurelius, Marcus. (167AD). Meditations (translator: George Long) (pg. 152). Comelius, 1882.

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