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In existographies, Marc Donohue (CR:12) (LH:1) (TL:13) is an American chemical engineer, thermodynamicist, and hmolscientist, noted for []


In 2014, Donohue, in his “Leadership and Organization Behavior: a Thermodynamic Inquiry”, coauthored with Richard Kilburg, a leadership psychologist, outlined a molecular thermodynamics based model of leadership and organizational behavior, according to which, as they advocate, human behavior should be viewed from the famous "thermodynamic lens" perspective.[1]


  1. (a) Kilburg, Richard R and Donohue, Marc D. (2014). “Leadership and Organization Behavior: a Thermodynamic Inquiry” (analogy, pg. 266), Consulting Psychological Journal: Practice and Research, Special Issue: the Physics of Leadership and Organizational Structure (abs), 66(4):261-87.
    (b) Note: The Thims illustration of the Donohue-Kilburg verbal model of the "thermodynamic lens", is shown on the back cover of all ten-volumes of the print set of Hmolpedia.

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