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In existographies, Gaius Lucilius (c.2135-2057 BE) (c.180-102BC BCM) (IQ:165|#592) (ID:2.12|78) (PR:9126|65AE / writer:885) (CR:5) (LH:7) (TL:12) aka “Lucilius” (Varro, c.50BC), was a Roman philosopher and satirist, noted for []



Lucilius influenced: Marcus Varro, Cicero.


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The following are quotes by Lucilius:

Life is force you see: to do everything force doth compel us.” [English]
Vis est vita vides? Vis nos facere omnia cogit.” [Latin]
— Lucilius (120BC), Publications (pg. #) [1]

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    (b) Fisher, Jay. (2014). The Annals of Quintus Ennius: and the Italic Tradition (vis est vita, pg. 152). JHT Press.

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