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In existographies, Louis Broglie (63 BE-32 AE) (1892-1987 ACM) (IQ:180|#207) (Becker 160:140|2L) (Simmons 100:75) (CR:26) (LH:2) (TL:28) was a French physicist, noted for []


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The following are quotes on or related to Broglie:

“All physical theories, their mathematical expressions apart, ought to lend themselves to so simple a description that even a child could understand them.”
Albert Einstein (c.1930), comment to Louis Broglie [1]

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The following are quotes by Broglie:

“In 1905, when I was 13, Einstein discovered that, in light, there are not only waves, as already well-known, but also particles, making him able to explain the photo electric effect, that was still unexplainable at this time. And, I had studied a lot about the theory of relativity. After all these studies, I came up with the idea [1923] that one should extend to every concrete particle, and in particular to electrons, the idea that the particle is accompanied by a wave. This was deeply changing particle mechanics in that, up to now, we could use well known laws to calculate the trajectory of particles, whereas after the introduction of wave mechanics, the particle trajectory was now determined based on the trajectory of a wave, so that some wave-like behavior would now appear even in the case of particles like electrons.”
— Louis Broglie (1967), “Interview with Pierre Grivet”, Jan 29 [2]

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