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In lectures, Libb Thims (lectures) (CR:5) (LH:#) (TL:#) refers to lectures, typically at universities, given by Libb Thims.


In 2010 to 2012, Libb Thims gave six lectures or talks at four universities:

  1. University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) | 2010, 2011, 2012 | Course: Bioengineering
  2. Norther Illinois University (NIU) | 2013 | Course: Mechanical engineering
  3. University of Pitesti, Romania (UP) | 2013 | Conference: Econophysics and Sociophysics
  4. University of District of Columbia (UDC) | 2016 | Conference: Biophysical Economics

Some of these are available on YouTube.[1]

In 2020 (65AE), Thims helped organize and gave two talks at the virtual (zoom-based) Thermodynamics 2.0 Conference.

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  1. Thims lectures (playlist) – YouTube.

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