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A sketch of a Libb Thims' hand jotting down a personal note.

In notes, Libb Thims (personal notes) refers to mental "notes" made by Libb Thims, arisen in the mind originally, as pointed ideas, while exercising, making discernments while working the mind, or waking from dream, etc., then put pen-to-paper or keyboard-to-wiki; listed chronologically below, for personal consumption, regurgitation, and reflection.


The following are active notes:

“Someday, in the near future, the emotional feeling that is behind the word ‘alive’, in the song ‘Let It Rain’ (4 Strings, 48AE/+2003), will be upgraded to a new word, one not yet invented, but one applicable to both CHO and CHS animate thing type movements and CHNOPS+20E human movements.”
— Libb Thims (66AE/+2021), “Shower note”, reflection on how to explain, in simple terms, the gist of Abioism: No Thing is Alive, 8:41, Oct 26
“Ride on the spacetime wave baby.”
— Libb Thims (66AE/+2021), “shower note”, 8PM CST, Oct 26
“Time to scrub out all the Christian dates. Every single one. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that there was actually ‘one’ person who started the religious recension we now define as ‘Christianity’. Even if this were so, we still have a +/- span of two plus centuries, in the under-estimated scenario, according to the silent historians, as to when exactly ‘1 AD[1] occurred?”
— Libb Thims (66AE [+2021]), mental reflection of ideas and thoughts, amid doing the Victor Stenger edit (Hmolpedia 2020Hmolpedia 65AE), 12:22AM CST, Oct 25
“I only hang with deep rollers.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “shower note”, while listening to Halsey song “Bad at Love”, favorite song of Alyncia [spelling?], who wanted to marry me (~two years ago), 8:45 CST, Oct 20
“Getting ‘money’ is easy.[2] Getting to knowwhy’ you’re getting money is hard.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “wake-up mental note”, reflection people repetitively asking how much money I get, for the books I write and lectures I give; with particular reflection on laughing reply: “in a hundred years, it’s not going to matter who’s ‘rich’ or who isn’t rich”, to Gina, at book launch party, who said: “soon you’ll be rich” (or something along these lines), 6:33AM CST, Oct 13
“I have officially now changed the ‘birth name’ and the ‘date of the year’ of birth I was given. I have upped one on Voltaire.”
Libb Thims (66AE), mental note, 12:25 CST Oct 13
“Becoming a genius is like doing cocaine but without the cottonmouth and the cloudiness.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “wake-up mental note”, after 13-hours sleep, following 11 Oct 66AE 888PM Abioism [a(888/π)-ism] book launch party; with reflection on how ‘fast’ I was talking to everyone, while answering questions, and explaining things, at the party, as compared to how fast I was talking, a few years back, while trying cocaine, with Mando and Liz, at the boonies party, 3:13PM CST, Oct 12
“There is an ‘energy’ discernible amid the choice between two actions. I will overthrow any thing that gets in the way of this reality.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “shower thought”; with reflections on the prospect of throwing a Facebook event organized Abioism book launch party, in respect to what might be said in the event summary caption (e.g. if you know me, the work I do essentially ‘overthrows god’), 4:17PM CST Oct 10
“When one experiences, as a teen or in early childhood, both early parental death and immediate family suicide, one’s acuteness to reality becomes honed, similar to an eagle sighting its prey, whose visual acuity is eight times[3] that of an average human.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “Shower Thought”, Sep 5
“The etymology of the word ‘life’ seems to be most involved and hidden etymologies of all words.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “mental note”, arisen after finishing the “bi” article, Aug 30
Anon: “What do you do?
Thims: “Why does anyone ‘do’ anything?”
Anon: “I don’t know?”
Thims: “That is what I do. Work on solving the problem as to why people do, anything[4], in the first place?”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “Mental note”, jotted in notebook, while driving around, Aug 21
“On 11 Oct 66AE, at the 66th anniversary of the day humans first saw atoms, I will publish Abioism: No Thing is Alive, on the Defunct Theory of Life, and Life Does Not Exist[5], the first book with its title page dated with the new secular-scientific Anno Elementum (BE/AE) dating system, wherein I will show how the numbers 111 and 666, of the solar magic square, yield the number ‘282’, the isopsephy value of the Greek word βιος (Bios), and the diameter of the circle with a circumference of 888, which is the isopsephy value of the Greek word Ιησους (Jesus), and hence a myth and magic based number; therein explaining how humans are not alive, because atoms are not alive, per reason that the word ‘alive’ etymologically derives from the ‘vis of Venus’, the Latin rescript of the Greek 282 myth, which itself is of Egyptian religio-mythology origin, namely the rescript of the ankh of Hathor model, which itself is based on an older pre-dynastic astro-theology motif of the sun, conceptually, being reborn after passing through the Milky Way.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “mental thought”, arisen during short nap, after 2-mile run, Aug 19
“If what constitutes a crime or an injustice, changes with the boundary or state of the system, as Beccaria argues, then a lion, as new alpha male, that kills the offspring of all females, enacts a more ‘just’ course of action, say, alternatively, were he to attempt to raise and defend step-offspring plus new offspring against the ever-present surroundings of raiding hyenas.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “mental note”, written on lined paper, Jul 15
“The forces are moving me in strange ways.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), mental note, 7:59PM Jun 20
“The day that Watt turned those ponies, was the day that god lost his power.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “Resonating reflection”, arisen in shower, at end of study 10-hour study binge; thoughts on “knowledge is power” in the background, in the sense that once one has knowledge of the workings of god, he then loses his power, 9:42 PM CST, Jun 26
“Instead of thinking about bio-this or bio-that, or whatever is ‘bio’ is good, thought needs to be turned towards thinking along the lines of force-this or force-that, and thinking about what is or is not good in terms of ‘energy’ or work, per reason that force, energy, and work are real things, where as bio is a not real.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), mental reflection note, arisen while working out, Jun 25
Life is the ‘ether’ of the humanities.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), mental note, Jun 21
“The year that Watt measured power in units, during his 1782/1783 brewery horse experiments, was the year we stopped calling ‘power’ by the name ‘god’.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), mental note, in respect that discernment that ones whether or not one defines a thing to be “alive” depends on one’s theology, Jun 16
“I’m turning into an Erasmus rat.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “night shower thought”; back thoughts on a combination of Desiderius Erasmus and his legendary “when I get money, I buy books; and if any is leftover, then food and clothes” + Dean Wooldridge (1968) summary of the famous rat tapping the pleasure center experiment, 9:49PM CST, Jun 14
“My impulse is getting all fucked up.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “mental note”; while brain was in mush state; having run out of cod liver oil for 5+ days, and over-burning on the daily with writing, with no time off for funded work (and wondering if I have enough “impulse” left to pen the second edition “impulse” article), Jan 13
“You have to ‘flow’, to be ‘free’.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), mental note arisen, following listening to the Andry Nalin (1997) “Beachball” German house-trance song in show, and thinking about the world “free”, then starting the “free” article in Hmolpedia, Jun 11
God is a heat theory.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), reoccurring mental phrase, Jun 2
A depiction of a man swinging to a new "rope", the attachment of the rope located between to thermodynamic wells; the deeper the well, the greater the stability; the rope a metaphor to the means via which a person obtains their rent, food, and clothes.[6]
“I Th-ink I've finally got Th-eta (Θ) figured out, Th-ermodynamically, having Th-ought about it for so long, e.g. in relation to Th-eology!”
— Libb Thims (66AE),  “Origin of the Letter Θ (Greek) or prefix Th- (English)”, Apr 21[7]
“Before we can attempt to uproot the ancient Upas tree[8], we must plant a new tree, water it well, and let it grow broad leaves, so that that shade may be made available for those accustomed to reposing in the old tree.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “Mental note”; reflection on the Charles Dupuis (1794) quote in the new RMS page; combined with general reflection on how HCT is replacing theology with thermodynamics, i.e. sun god with atheistic energy
High IQ societies are all fake genius factories.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), mental note; penned while writing the Paul Cooijmans article, Apr 2
“Need to get book done, before I ‘de-state’ [die].”
— Libb Thims (66AE), mental note, arisen while driving, written on yellow note pad, Mar 28
A visual of Thims 25 Feb 66AE thought about how far the apple has fallen from the tree, over the course of 156-years from an original definition of entropy as a "transformation equivalent", to a Wikipedia entropy definition as: the "measure of the state of disorder, randomness, or uncertainty". It's embarrassing to humankind, to say the least; as though we are rolling forwards into stupidity.
God and life absorb spacetime.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “truncated thought”, on cleaning up the text description of the word cloud of the Hmolpedia main page, Feb 27
“The apple has fallen really far from the tree.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), mental thought arisen while looking at the first sentence of the Wikipedia entropy article, 1:48PM Feb 25
“The modern person has either to believe in chemical thermodynamics or clayical theology (or a whole spectrum of blurry beliefs in between).”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “mental note”, 9:05AM CST Feb 18; rephrased Feb 23.
“I feel, now, in respect to the development of human chemical thermodynamics, which I seem to have started racing towards in 1994 to 1995, akin to the point in spacetime, when I was running that 5K, in the early 2000s, along the lake at Northwestern University, and I had decided, beforehand, that my aim was to run the first mile under 5-minutes, like Roger Bannister (1954) did with respect to the 4-min mile, which I accomplished, only to look around or rather back, at that point, in the 5 to 6-min range, only to see that I was the one leading the race, of about 200 to 300 people, and hence out in front ‘alone’[9], whereat, following a few seconds of reflection, I decided just to keep running, eventually winning the race, in the 16 to 17-min completion range.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), "mental note", 8AM CST Mar 18
Love is the son of force.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), ruminations after some woman asked: ‘any plans for Valentine’s day?’, which brought up the subject of Cupid, which turned to Venus, the mother of Cupid, whose ‘vis’ or force (Lucilius, 120BC) is endowed to those who have ‘life’, Feb 15
A section of geologic periods of the earth, showing how in each layer, CH-based animate things grow to a certain size or geometry; all of which is turned over, at the start of the next new layer, during which new CH-based animate things begin to reactively grow, forming new geometries, and behavior patterns.
“Every [animate] [CH-based] ‘thing’ has it’s so-called ‘internal’ principle.”
— Libb Thims (66 AE), mental note; arisen via a mixture of long-standing ruminations; came to mind following watching of Predator (1987) credits ending, with reflection of how Kevin Hall (height: 7’2’’) was the predator, following Jean Damme (height: 5’9’’) turning down original role; which brought to mind the fact that, via the many layers of extinction period of the ‘animate’ surface of the earth, dinosaurs (height: 55’) have came and gone; mixed with reflection of Kuhn’s 12-person paradigm change model, meaning that the photons, on average, have to ‘push’ out the minds [or hydro-carbon structures] of a dozen people[10], before a change, of paradigm magnitude can occur; mixed with thoughts on the current top eight ‘soul terminology reform’ phrases (particularly ‘principle’ [repeated four times] and ‘within’ [repeated four times]); mixed with reflections on the taste of the coldness felt with parts of the post-virus months, wherein, during the transition from Hmolpedia 2020 to Hmolpedia, the former was completely shut down, and the Internet went blank, to a large extent, in respect to the entity known as ‘Libb Thims’, after which, the quoted realization came to mind, Jan 31
“A ‘solid person’ should know, philosophically, why they are going, where they are going, before their mind initiates the departure mechanism.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “mental note”, arisen in shower, 12:45AM, Jan 22


65 AE

The following are notes arisen in 65AE (2020 ACM):

“If you haven’t read Goethe’s Elective Affinities, chapter four specifically, and therefrom remotely glimpsed the ramifications of this, in respect to your ‘working’ creed, philosophy, or theology, then, to paraphrase Emerson (c.1910), you are archaic.”
— Libb Thims (65AE), “shower thought” (arose, in some way [?], from thoughts on Matthew Newton, his very-ripe Eva film, his thrice-employed Croesus quote, his bipolar disorder psychiatric unit treatments, etc.), 9:50PM CST, Dec 20
The 20 Dec 65 AE version of the HCT cover, showing the theta Θ, i.e. Egyptian "sun" symbol, etymology of thermodynamics, which also is found in the words theology, theos (god), and theosophy.
“My theological belief[11] system is human chemical thermodynamics. Theology and thermodynamics both derived from the theta Θ, the Egyptian "sun" symbol. The former believes that the sun is a god, that rays of light are the fingers of god, and that one of these fingers gave humans morality, via ten commandments. The latter believes that the sun is a bound state of hydrogen and helium reacting to produce heat, that rays of light are photons, in the form of electromagnetic waves, and that morality is found in the symbols of physical chemistry.”
— Libb Thims (65 AE), “mental note”, arisen while reflecting on new 20 Dec HCT draft cover, 7:35AM CST
“Add a ‘Mol’ of ‘humans’ [H] together, e.g. chemical group A and chemical group B, let them chemically ‘react’; over time, a cyclical ‘Pedia’ of questions, will result in respect to the underlying implications of this existence-defining deep query.”
— Libb Thims (65AE), reflection on new “Hmolpedia” cards video (YT), 4:52 CST Dec 19
“I am a hydrogen derivative.”
— Libb Thims (65 AE), mental note (possibly in reoccurring rumination on two new Wiley hydrogen pillows) 7:35PM CST, Dec 7
“The virus came, it saw, it conquered.”
— Libb Thims (2020), “mental thought” (made in shower); paraphrase of Caesar’s “veni, vidi, vici” quote, 5:22PM CST Nov 27
“Geniuses aren’t determined by their ‘score’ on a 3-hour test, but by their ‘results’ of a 30-year test, of their own personal design.”
— Libb Thims (2020), “mental note”, arisen while ruminating on the c.1830 Godfrey Higgins “20-years / 10-hours per day” quote, 4:11PM CST Nov 27
“IQ tests are for idiots far below the genius range.”
— Libb Thims (2020), mental thought, arisen in reflection of looking at the undefined IQ-slating in the Harold Morowitz article “(IQ:#|#) (CR:61) (LH:3) was an”; thought also brings to mind the psychologist who refrained from giving an intelligence test to Ezra Pound per obvious reasons, Nov 22
“The only thing correct about ‘bio’, is its lettering: Boron (Z:5), Iodine (Z:53), and Oxygen (Z:8); these being three of the 26 elements of the human molecular formula.”
— Libb Thims (65 AE), “wake-up mental note made yesterday”, 10:59PM CST Nov 10
“If you don’t have a degree in ‘chemical engineering’ you are basically retarded.”
— Libb Thims (2020), “mental note”, arisen, for some reason, while looking at the Eva Longoria Wikipedia article, following watching a YouTube video (Ѻ) on her reaction to the Biden presidency win, 6:51 AM CST Nov 9
“Puzzling irony of how the only three tentative places, I have ever felt at ‘home’ in the universe, are in the molecular orbitals of CG, in the main guest entertainment room of Beg, and in the envisioned final resting place of mid-country.”
— Libb Thims (2020), “mental note”, following an email to Beg, in regard to possibly joining the new Hmolpedia site and the progress report page, 10:01 AM CST Nov 8
“The Clausius quote: ‘as soon as the body moves under the influence of the force, work is performed’, gives me much peace, in respect to the query: ‘so, what do you do for a living?’ Women smile and try to look ‘pretty’. Men go about their daily activities, trying to be or look ‘professional’. Yet, all the while oblivious to the underlying ‘force moves bodies’ nature to all of this?”
— Libb Thims (2020), “mental note”, arisen while reviewing this Reddit post (Ѻ) and looking at some blond women smiling, in some add, while holding something, 8:13AM CST Oct 31
“The oblivious person can get away with the terms ‘biochemistry’ or ‘biophysics’, when writing a general encyclopedia, such as Wikipedia or Britannica, but when one is penning a thermodynamics-based encyclopedia, when the terms ‘biothermodynamics’, ‘biological thermodynamics’, ‘biochemical thermodynamics’ are reached, in respect to the need to pen encyclopedia articles on such terms, is the point where the mind crosses the line-in-the-sand of absurdities.”
— Libb Thims (2020), “Mental Note”, arisen while add the IQD column to the top 200 geniuses of the top 1000 geniuses table, at the point when he went to look up the age of Lawrence Henderson in Wikipedia, and seeing the sentence: “he became one of the leading biochemists of the early 20th century” (see: abioism), 1:57AM CST, Oct 27
“A person should be able to date the books they write, and the dating of their own existence, non-mythologically.”
— Libb Thims (65 AE), “mental note”, arisen while dancing around, listening to a music mix, on headphones; and while inputted into Word text, while repeatedly using both hands, in an index finger to thumb position (see: image) directed, repeatedly, towards the screen, 8:02 AM CST Oct 20
“Once the ‘body’ goes, so goes the ‘mind’. Once the ‘finances’ go, so goes the ‘body’; and hence, by repercussion, the mind.”
— Libb Thims (2020), “mental note”, arisen while drinking vodka, cranberry, and orange mixers, alternated with Ice House beers, in the shower, to warm up, think, and process; reflection after transferring, over the last 11-days, give or take hours spent in “paid” work (see: paid work; non-paid work), which, at the moment, amounts to $20-30 hr (unlimited hours), the first 213 geniuses, from the old wiki to the new wiki, into the new top 1000 geniuses listings, 5:45 AM CST Oct 20

62 AE

Thermodynamically, one cannot technically say that there is such a thing as a ‘bio’. Correctly, one can say, thermodynamically speaking, that there exist such things as ‘powered CHNOPS+’ [atomic geometries] things, using Henry Swan’s 1974 terminology.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note arisen via dialogue (Ѻ)(Ѻ) with Philoepisteme, Dec 5

End matter

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  1. See: Birth of Jesus.
  2. Note: this is evidenced by the fact that Thims went from an age 19 "blank slate", in respect to educational background (and financial background), to having the two highest paying college degrees in the country, multiple job offers from around the country, in a variety of fields, and a marriage proposal from a graduate school architect who's family was millionaire-level wealthy, in both the paternal and maternal side of the family, not to mention that her father was the head of an architectural and engineering building company, whose office headquarters was a ten-story building, that had his last name written on it.
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  10. Note: the gist of the reflection, being that these dozen people have the same internal principle, embedded into the hydrocarbon geometry of their mind, through which the photons push, to bring about the change; hence, it makes little difference if, e.g., a person's entire efforts vanish in the course of a day, per reason that it is the 'state' of the internal principle, that is of significance, in respect to the bigger picture of the operation of the universe.
  11. Compare: “One’s theological holdings [can be divided] into two classes: those for which a man would go to the stake, and those for which a man would not go to the stake.” (Edwards A. Park, c.1870); or: “For the second law, I will burn at the stake.” (Heinz London, c.1933)

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