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In existographies, Charles Judson Herrick (87 BE-5 AE) (1868-1960 ACM) (IQ:#|#) (CR:42) (LH:10) (TL:52), aka “C. Judson Herrick”, was an American evolutionist, biologist, anatomist, neurologist, zoologist, and pathologist, noted for []


In 1930, Herrick, in his "Humpty Dumpty" speech, given in dedication to the new "social sciences" building of the University of Chicago, stated that modern universities had become houses divided against themselves, with the physical sciences, wherein god has been expelled[1], on one side of the central quadrangle, and the social sciences, humanities, and theological department on the other, wherein god resides in latent form, with egg shell like Humpty Dumpty students sitting precariously on an invisible wall in the middle.[2]


Judson Herrick was the younger brother of Clarence Herrick (1858-1904), whose work he carried forward.


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The following are quotes by Herrick:

“When the living body is viewed as a continuously evolving system which never reacts identically to repeated exposure to apparently identical conditions. The act of response alters subsequent responsiveness. This alteration is neither random nor lawless. Creativity is exhibited in some measure by every mechanism. Human freedom of ‘choice’ is not uncaused action. The cause is intrinsic to the situation. The action is not predetermined by an extrinsic causal agent. It is determined at the moment of its exercise.”
— Judson Herrick (1956), The Evolution of Human Nature (pgs. 213, 217) [3]

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