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In existographies, Johann Josef Loschmidt (134-60 BE) (1821-1895 ACM) (IQ:#|#) (ID:#) (PR:11,878|65AE / chemist:169) (HGC:163) (CR:5) (LH:4) (TL:9), aka “Josef Loschmidt” (commonly), was an Austrian physical chemist, noted for []


In 1861, Loschmidt, in his Chemical Studies, drew double and triple chemical bonds as follows:[1]

Loschmidt bonds.png

In 1865, Loschmidt, in his "On the Size of Air Molecules", using the kinetic theory of gases,was the first to calculate the size of air molecules as one millionth of a millimeter.[2]


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“In our day there are secessions from the [atomic] theory, but it still stands firm. Loschmidt, Stoney, and William Thomson have sought to determine the sizes of the atoms, or rather to fix the limits between which their sizes lie; while only last year the discourses of Williamson and Maxwell illustrate the present hold of the doctrine upon the foremost scientific minds.”
John Tyndall (1874), “Atheistic Materialism”, BAAS Address (pg. 26)[3]

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