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In existographies, John Mill (149-82 BE) (1806-1873 ACM) (IQ:185|#69) (ID:2.80|#66) (Cattell 1000:180) (RGM:149|1,350+) (PR:650|65AE / economist:5) (Gottlieb 1000:81) Becker 139:16|14L) (Choueiri 115:5) (Stokes 100:54) (Listal 100:32) (Perry 80:#) (Norlinger 22:4) (FA:151) (GPhE:#) (GEcE:#) (CR:108) (LH:8) (TL:119|#100) was an English political economist and moral philosopher, noted for []


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“Many of the intellectuals like Hume, Mill, Darwin, Tyndall, Herbert Spencer, and Thomas Huxley preached atheism and agnosticism.”
— Author (1980), “Article”[1]

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Anon. (2017). “Utilitarianism: John Stuart Mill” (YT), Then & Now, May 30.

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