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In existographies, John B.S. Haldane (63 BE-9 AE) (1892-1964 ACM) (IQ:155|#812) (PR:13,009|65AE / biologist:136) (James 38:30) (EVT:23) (CR:19) (LH:7) (TL:26) was an English biochemist (powered-chnops chemist), with a "formidable intelligence" (Smith, 1965), noted for his 1929 half living thing theory (see: half-alive theory), for his 1932 hot thin soup theory (see: primordial soup), and for his 1950s kin selection theory.



Haldane is not to be confused with: John Scott Haldane (1860-1936) (PR:37,478|65AE / philosopher:874), aka John S. Haldane, physician and physiologist, his father.


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The following are quotes by Haldane:

“When ultra-violet light acts on a mixture of water, carbon dioxide, and ammonia, a vast variety of organic substances are made, including sugars and apparently [Edward Baly, 1920s] some of the materials from which proteins are built up. The first living or half-living things were probably large molecules synthesized under the influence of the sun’s radiation, and only capable of reproduction in the particularly favorable medium in which they originated.”
— John Haldane (1929), “Origin of Life”, Rationalist Annual (pg. #)[1]

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