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A visual of the origin of Jesus, namely, during the Roman recension (200AD), the polytheistic myth of Horus, born from a resurrected Osiris mummy and the goddess Isis, became the monotheistic myth of a child, named Jesus, born from a virgin, named Mary, impregnated by the holy ghost, who is raised by Joseph, his stepfather.

In religio-mythology, Jesus (TR:303) (LH:42) (TL:345|#93), from the Greek Iesous (Ιησούς) (NE:888), aka "Jesus Christ", is the Roman recension rescript of the syncretistic god Osiris-Horus.


In 100AD to 800AD, during the Roman recension, the Egyptian polytheistic myth of: Geb, Osiris, Isis, Anubis, and Horus, became the monotheistic story of: Joseph, Lazarus (and holy spirit), Mary, John the Baptist, and Jesus, respectively, wherein the former gods became human characters, with Osiris becoming "god the father", and Jesus becoming "god the son".


The following is one isopsephy cyphers:

  • "I Am the Life" (I Am the Zoe [815]) (ειμι η ζωη) = 888 = Jesus [Iesous] (Ιησούς)


Adjacent, we see the "infant Horus" (Greek: Harpocrates), the prescript to "baby Jesus", facing his father Osiris, and standing on a potter's wheel like platform, below which lotus followers bloom, with his mother Isis behind him.[1]

Horus, in short, was conceived during the "black rite" resurrection sex act (rescript: virgin birth), wherein Osiris, as a mummy, was brought back to life, with the magic powers of Thoth, who stopped time, allowing Isis, in the form of a kite (bird) to with obtain the divine sperm of Osiris, using an attached phallus, in the form of either her thumb or a golden phallus.


The following are related quotes:

Kircher points out, in his Arithmologia (1665), a Greek example of magic squares; the names Jesus and Mary, IESOUS and MARIA have a curious relation. Iesous is 10, 8, 200, 70, 400, 200 = 888. Now take Maria, 40, 1, 100, 10, 1 = 152. Set 152 in a magic square of three, i.e., nine compartments, thus, 1—5—2, 5—2—1, 2—1—5, then the totals are all 888. The letters of Iesous also make a magic square of 36 divisions, adding every way to 888.”
— William Westcott (1889), “Numbers: Their Occult Powers and Mystic Virtues” [2]

End matter


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