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In existographies, James Watt (219-136 BE) (1736-1819 ACM) (IQ:175|#236) (ID:2.11|83) (Cattell 1000:225) (RGM:89|1,350+) (PR:111|65AE / inventor:5) (Murray 4000:1|T) (Gottlieb 1000:110) (Becker 160:82|3L) (Nelson 19:19) (SIG:12) (EP:31) (CR:122) (LH:10) (TL:132|#83) was a Scottish engineer and inventor, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Watt:

“From these elements I laid down a curve in which the abscissa [y-axis] represented the temperatures and the ordinate [x-axis] the pressure, and thereby found the law by which they were governed sufficiently near for my then purpose.”
— James Watt (c.1764), “On the Pressure-Temperature Graph” [1]

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