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In existographies, James Froude (137-61 BE) (1818-1894 ACM) (IQ:180|#170) (ID:2.37|76) (CR:10) (LH:5) (TL:15) was an English clergyman, who renounced his faith, turned philosopher, translator, historian, novelist, existographer, and editor, noted for []


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“The translation of Elective Affinities has been executed by a gentleman [Froude] well known in the literary world, who does not wish his name to appear.”
— Henry Bohn (1854), preface to Elective Affinities [1]

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  1. Goethe, Johann. (1854). Novels and Tales: Elective Affinities; The Sorrows of Werther; German Emigrants; The Good Woman; and a Nouvelette (translation chiefly by R.D. Boylan (Elective Affinities, pgs. 1-). Henry G. Bohn.

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