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An caricature of a typical inflated IQ fake genius. The tagline will typically read "smarter than" someone (e.g. Einstein, Hawking, Feynman, or Gates, etc.). Claimed IQ will typically be 140 or above.[1]

In genius studies, inflated IQ (CR:5) (LH:4) (TL:9) refers to an IQ or "IQ score" of someone that has been "inflated", using IQ test score manipulation tricks, e.g. age ratio manipulations or test norming inventions, etc., beyond what the actual IQ (or real IQ) of the person is, realistically, measured by what the person has actually intellectually accomplished in reality, as compared to other humans historically who have been assigned that IQ by definition; the inflated IQ generally being claimed to being in the genius IQ range (IQ:140+) or even past the ceiling genius IQ range (IQ:200±), generally done as an attention getter. Inflated IQs tend to be devised for a number of reasons, including vanity, of a parent or person, the bias of test maker, who is looking to promote their "IQ test", and or a psychologist, confused about accurately assigning genius range IQs to children.


The following are quotes:

“Yet, this [“263 IQ” age ratio calculation] is likely to be an underestimate of his precocity - for Ainan has already read the A level texts and is working on a University text. That latter text is suited to a 20-year-old chemistry student. The average IQ of a chemistry student is 124. This corresponds to a ratio IQ of 125. Therefore, the average mental age of a 20 year old Chemistry student would be 25. Using this to generate a ratio IQ for Ainan giving his age as 7 years and three months - the time when he started to read the University book, would give a ratio IQ of 349.”
— Valentine Cawley (2007), “Chemistry O Level”, Mar 25[2]
“Actually, Adrian Seng is Terence Tao (Ѻ). A book about gifted kids written by Miraca Gross (Ѻ) included biographies of real-life gifted children but she changed their names. Terence Tao's name was changed to Adrian Seng. I disagree with your inclusion [actually not included] of chess champions, Go champions, and idiots who supposedly did well on those fake ‘Ultra-High IQ Tests’ (e.g. Widsten [IQclaim: 175+] (Ѻ), Lygeros [IQclaim:189] (Ѻ), Gunnarsson [IQclaim: 235] (Ѻ), Schuessler [IQclaim: 185] (Ѻ), etc.). These idiots haven't achieved anything that matches their inflated IQs. One person I suggest you include is Michael Grost. He was a true genius who achieved honorable mention on the incredibly difficult Putnam exam (the same one that Reid Barton won 4 times) at the age of 13. Also, include Gabriel Carroll. This guy probably has a > 200 IQ. Lastly, I'm pleasantly surprised that you know Wei-Hwa Huang. We really should talk because I know a lot of the people on your list.”
— American Anon (2011), “Top 50” (Ѻ), IQ:200+ thread (post #11), poster from Richmond Virginia, Mar 14[3]

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  1. Note: quote is based on Christopher Langan who, on video (c.2007), claimed their IQ was 210 and that they were smarter or had "seen further" than anyone before him.
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