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In numbers, infinity (TL:7), symbol “∞” refers, in mathematics, to a number, such as (3.14159 ...), that that continues in its number sequence endlessly; in religio-mythology, it refers to “god”, as a sort of mathematically-coded god synonym, in an Egyptian-Greek religio-mathematics conception of the cosmos, e.g. in mathematical relation to the sun god (318) and the mind (nous) or monad (1000) of creation, derived from the Egyptian Nun and or space or infinity gods of the Ogdoad.


The following are quotes:

“By the way, today is Einstein’s birthday. So we are at a very fitting place. And it just occurred to me, 3/14 [or] 3.14, is the first approximation of Pi (Π), which refers to ‘infinity’ [god]. So as long as your quantum physics helps me understand infinity, I would be honored [to have you teach me].”
— Deepak Chopra (2010), “Debate: Does God Have a Future”, Audience Q&A [with Leonard Mlodinow[1]] (1:04:43-5:16) [2]

End matter


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