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In existographies, Inderjit Singh (41- AE) (1996- ACM) (CR:29) (LH:2) (TL:31) is an American writer and philosopher, noted for []


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“To separate a pair of lovers who have an elective affinity for each other is to defy the decree of nature. In such an illegal act of cruelty, pain explodes forth from between the lovers. When lovers are forced apart, all who are nearby are enveloped in a sphere of distress and discomfort. This wave of agony is similar to the destruction caused when the atom is split.”
— Inderjit Singh (2016), “Essay on Mankind”, Mar 16[1]
“As Rogers said, the difference between life and nonlife, is the difference between plants and animals. The whole ‘life terminology issue’, finds it roots in organized religion, and the mythology that forms the basis of organized religion. The word ‘life’ and the world ‘death’, need to be removed and replaced with more modern accurate terms. Doing this will allow for more scientific advancement and more rapid progress, because it will change the way that human beings perceive the world, instead of living and nonliving.”
— Inderjit Singh (2016), Introduction to Alfred Rogers “Life Does NOT Exist’ video (2:20-3:16), Jun 23[2]

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