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In existographies, Immanuel Kant (231-151 BE) (1724-1804 ACM) (IQ:185|#75) (ID:2.34|79) (Cattell 1000:33) (RGM:51|1,350+) (PR:39|65AE / philosopher:6) (Murray 4000:3|WP) (Becker 139:4|18L) (Stokes 100:45) (Perry 80:5|Li) (Durant 10:9) (RMS:21) (GPhE:#) (CR:217) (LH:6) (TL:225|#36) was a German philosopher, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Kant:

Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same timewill’ that it should become a universal law.”
— Immanuel Kant (1785), Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals (pg. 30) [1]
“It is absurd to hope that another Newton will arise in the future who shall make comprehensible by us the production of a blade of grass according to natural laws which no design has ordered.”
— Immanuel Kant (1790), Critique of Judgment [2]

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