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In genius studies, IQ key refers to []


The following is a tabulated listing of IQ keys:[1]

Key Description
IQ R (real).jpg The "real IQ" of a person.
IQ E.jpg The "IQ estimates" of a person, e.g. tests, opinion, paper IQ, etc.
Genius ranking position holding steady.
Genius ranking position migrating upwards, recently or potentially soon be.
Genius ranking position migrating downwards, recently or potentially soon be.
Genius ranking in the wavy, processing, or undecided state.
IQ AE.png An "auto-estimated IQ" (aka self-estimated IQ), done by someone has made a public statement of what they deem their own IQ to be.
IQ C.png
Cox IQ icon.png
A Cox IQ; one of the IQs of 300 geniuses done by Catherine Cox, Lewis Terman, and Maud Merrill at Stanford.[2]
IQ B.png
An IQ determined by Tony Buzan, and Raymond Keene, as found in their 1994 Book of Genius, in which they attempt to rank the hundred greatest geniuses of all-time using an eight category, 835-point, scoring methodology, assigning IQs to each genius along the way.
IQs BR.png Buzan IQs reformulated (Ѻ) into ratio IQs by the MegaSociety (2005).
IQ CB.png A Cox-Buzan IQ; a mean of IQs of geniuses common to the 300 Cox IQs (1926) and the 100 Buzan IQs (1994).
IQ CIQ.jpg
An IQ from the cite[3] Seems to have launched in 2018; listing the IQs of people based on mail in suggestions [?] and has a "perceived IQ" section where people can comment.
IQ CP.png An "comparison IQ" (a Comparison to Person or People IQ), derived by the mean IQ of historical persons, with established IQs, the said person is oft-compared to or grouped with.
IQ CPB.png The mean IQs common to the Cox IQs (1926), the Platt IQs (1962), and the Buzan IQs (1994).
IQ CPBT.png A "Cox-Platt-Buzan-Thims IQ"; the mean IQs common to the Cox IQs (1926), the Platt IQs (1962), the Buzan IQs (1994), and the Thims IQs (2019).[4]
IQ D.png A "deviation IQ", determined by some means (cited when possible).
IQ EM.png An IQ calculated or estimated by Economakis Michael (Ѻ) (2008/2012).[5]
IQ F.png A "fictional" IQ, e.g. Hari Seldon (Foundation Series, 1942).
IQ G.png An IQ listed in Guinness Book in their "Highest IQ category".
IQ GC.jpg
An IQ from[6]; newly-launched in 2019/2020 according to WayBack. Many of the geniuses and IQs listed seem to come from the Hmolpedia top 2000 minds rankings (15-names (2008); 1,100+ names (2021)).
IQ GHC.jpg
ACE IQ logo.png
A 2002 ranking made by George H. Choueiri (see: Choueiri 115), and posted online at his “Association of the Christian Era" (ACE) intelligence society; deactivated: 2015.
IQ quess.png An question mark IQ.
IQ H.png A "hypothetical" IQ, e.g. seen in scientific demons mindsets, e.g. Maxwell's demon.
IQ IS.jpg A listing of the top "100 members of the greatest clerisy known to man", compiled by Inderjet Singh, aged 16, from a Facebook collection of 250 favorite geniuses he had been collecting over the last two years.[7]
IQ JP.png An IQ estimate from John Platt's 1962 "The Coming Generation of Genius".
IQ MC.png A "missing candidate" speculated genius IQ, discussed or suggested in respect to the "IQ:200+" article and video or the "top 1000 geniuses" pages.
IQ MM.png An IQ calculated by Maud Merrill (1926), one of the three main IQ rankers, along with Catherine Cox and Lewis Terman, in the determination of the IQs of the top 300 geniuses of the Cattell 1000, as found finalized in the Cox IQs.[2]
IQ MT.png An IQ determined from a Mensa Test.
IQ N.jpg
Norlinger IQ icon.png
An IQ from Ulf Norlinger's 1998 to 1999 listing and discussion of “Estimated IQs of some of the Greatest Geniuses”; estimates come from the Cox IQs, and various sources: Encyclopedia Britannica, Guinness Book of Records, Popular Science (Swedish magazine), Daily News (Swedish newspaper), his professor in mathematics, a comparing study between the geniuses of their centuries in Mensa Research Journal, Buzan, etc.[8]
IQ O.png An IQ that is cited by an "other" source; listed either in the person's Hmolpedia article, a cited reference, or in the original IQ:200+ "IQ references" page.
IQ P.jpg A "potential IQ" (PIQ), generally referring to the an IQ calculated for someone under the age of 18 or adulthood, depending on country, based on their ability to score perfect (or near perfect) on tests designed for people above their age range (Thims, 2021).
IQ PP.png An IQ from the 2014 to present blogger named Pumpkin Person, who likes estimating, via various methods, IQs of characters such as Michael Myers, who he puts at IQ:80 (Ѻ) (2014) or people such as Bertrand Russell, who he puts at IQ:147 (Ѻ) (2015), debating commentators along the way.
IQ Q c.png A "Quora IQ" guesstimated by answers submitted by Quora users; cited given when possible.
IQ RH.png An IQ determined by Ronald Hoeflin (c.1982), e.g. by his so-called "Mega Test".[9]
IQ S.png An IQ estimated by American psychologist Dean Simonton, e.g. of US presidents (2006).[10]
IQ SK.png An IQ from the Feb 2019 “Top 100 Geniuses List” (Ѻ) made by Reddit user u/SpergingKermit, a 15-year-old English individual interested in geniuses, who does not believe in chance (Ѻ), but is god agnostic; list posted per request of Thims; plus projections (10+) (Ѻ) (10 Feb).
IQ SN.png A the mean IQ of a social Newton, which based on the average of the known IQs of 14 of the top 55+ social Newtons (Feb, 2017) is 186.
IQ SS.png The IQs listed by the Sigma Society IQ (2017) (Ѻ) listing sources and discussion.[1]
IQ T.png An IQ calculated by Lewis Terman.
IQ U.png An "Uberman IQ", the mean being 186, based on prototype uberman given by Nietzsche and Bertrand Russell.
IQ W.png An Walberg IQ; an IQ estimated by Herbert Walberg (1981) and associates.[11]
Check mark (big).png Indicates full transfer of an external genius references list to the top 2000 list.
Indicates transfer of one individual from an an external genius references list to the top 2000 list.



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