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The logo for the IAISAE

In acronyms, IAISAE stands for International Association for the Integration of Science and Engineering, the conditional “Science = Natural Science + Social Science”, an implicit de facto, in the idealized cautioned mind of Ram Poudel, the organizations founder.


In 2016, Ram Poudel was mentored by Charles Hall on how to organize the 7th BioPhysical Economics (BPE), subtitled “Where Natural Science Meets Social Sciences”, a semi-themed sociophysics conference, in association with International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE).[1]

In 2019, Poudel, stimulated by conference talks of Adrian Bejan on his social constructal law ideas, registered the domain iaisae.org, to be host for an international group that would host a bi-annual conference themed on integrating social sciences with the natural sciences under the umbrella of thermodynamics.

On 26 Jan 2020, Poudel, with the following founding five committee members in mind:

  1. Ram Poudel, Institute of Engineering Nepal, Founding President and CEO
  2. Jurgen Mimkes, Paderborn University
  3. Umit Gunes, Yildiz Technical University
  4. Libb Thims, Institute of Human Thermodynamics
  5. Jon McGowan, University of Massachusetts Amherst

drew up IAISAE articles of incorporation, non-profit IRS registration, and association by-laws, themed on the bylaws of the Gibbs society. [2]


A proposed name change for IAISAE to IAISNE or International Association for the Integration of Social Science, Natural Science, and Engineering, made by Libb Thims (Jan 2020) [2].

Thims, in response to this proposal, communicated to Poudel that the acronym ISAE, i.e. association for the “Integration of Science and Engineering”, makes no logical sense, per reason that “science” and “engineering” have been integrated since time immortal; stating instead that the international association should be named “International Association for the Integration of Social Science, Natural Science, and Engineering”, thereby being explicit, clear, and unambiguous, such as shown on the adjacent re-designed logo. [2]

Poudel replied that “in his mind” the S of IAISAE implicitly means natural and social science, but also stated that if the organizational name was changed, he would not be able to get NSF funding; moreover:

“I don't disagree with you but I would like to take one step at a time. Human knowledge is not there yet to acknowledge integration of natural and social sciences. Egos among disciplines are prohibitive for any such an integration. You might be familiar with the story of the bat: Why Bat has no Friends? Taking a moral from the story, I want to approach the integration of these two sciences from the side of the natural sciences, thermodynamics in particular. Once academic disciplines, engineering in particular, are open more to social sciences, we may be able to rename our initiative to the name you are proposing. I don't foresee this happening until 2050; again, human knowledge is not yet there.”
Ram Poudel (2020), “Email communication with Libb Thims”, Jan 27 [2]

Thims also communicated to Poudel, that the current IAISAE logo is not recognizable in respect to having any visible meaning. Poudel said that one image is an atom, the other is people holding hands, or something along these lines. Thims made a suggestive new icon, shown above, with "visible" hands, two pistons, and a better atom image.

Thermodynamics 2.0 | Conferences

See main: Thermodynamics 2.0 Conference

On 22-24 Jun 2020, Poudel, with the help of a half-dozen or so associates, under the auspices of IAISAE, organized a 3-day virtual conference entitled “thermodynamics 2.0”, themed on “identifying and connecting dots of scientific revolutions in natural and social sciences” on the platform of thermodynamics, which had about 70 speakers.[3]


In Oct 2020, the IAISAE gave the bi-annual Richard Newbold Adams Award for work on the “Integration of Natural Science and Social Science" (in the social sciences) to Burin Gumjudpai and the bi-annual Arthur Iberall Award for work in the “Integration of Natural Science and Social Science" (in the natural sciences) to Bernard Guy. [4]

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