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A 66AE annotated version of the "Hwang model" (Hwang, 2001), on a reaction coordinate, done by Thims, for his abioism manuscript.

In models, Hwang model (TR:5) (LH:#) (TL:#) refers to []


In 2001, David Hwang, in his "Thermodynamics of Love", described the process of two people "falling in love", in respect to Gibbs energy and reaction coordinates, referring to a male M and female F, as "elements", and the bonded couple M-F as a "compound", using the following reaction notation:[1]

albeit with the MF complex specifically shown with a "bond" dash (-), as "M-F", which is implicit human chemical bond theory.

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  1. Hwang, David. (2001). “The Thermodynamics of Love” (WB) (pdf), Journal of Hybrid Vigor, Issue 1, Emory University.

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