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In education, human thermodynamics dissertations refers to MS or PhD degrees awarded for work in thermodynamics applied to humanities-related problems, topics, or subjects of inquiry.


The following is working-in-progress growing collection of known thermodynamics-based humanities theses or dissertations:

# Year Person Thesis / Dissertation School
1920 Josef Schnippenkotter
The Entropological Proof of God: the Physical Development of the Entropy Principle and its Philosophical Meaning (PhD)

(Der Entropologische Gottesbeweis: Die Physikalische Entwicklung des Entropieprinzips, seine Philosophische und Apologetische Bedeutung)

1966 William Plank
Thesis: “Art and the Artist in the Cosmogenesis of Teilhard de Chardin” (MA in French) University of Washington-Seattle
1966 John O’Manique
Thesis: “The Theory of Orthogenesis in the Synthesis of Teilhard de Chardin” (PhD) University of Ottawa
1972 Stephen Coleman
Measurement and Analysis of Political Systems: a Science of Social Behavior (PhD) (on Shannon entropy / thermodynamics entropy of political systems) University of Minnesota
1974 Carter Finn
Thesis/dissertation: “Religion, Philosophy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics” College of William and Mary
1978 Dick Hammond
Thesis: Analysis of Entropy Reduction and its Implications for Ethical Instruction in Public Education (EdD) University of Arkansas and University of Texas
Adviser: Ilya Prigogine
1988 Seth Lloyd
Black Holes, Demons, and the Loss of Coherence: How Complex Systems Get Information, and What They Do With It (PhD) Rockefeller University
Advisor: Heinz Pagels
1992 Matthias Ruth
Economic Processes and Environmental Repercussions: Synthesizing Economics, Ecology, and Thermodynamics (PhD) University of Illinois, Urbana
c.1995 Kozo Mayumi
Thesis: "Land: Ecological and Economic Achilles’ Heel" (in economics) (MA) (1988)
Studies on Georgescu-Roegen’s Bioeconomic Paradigm (PhD)
Vanderbilt University
Advisor: Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen
Kyoto University
1998 Satish Boregowda
Thermodynamic Modeling and Analysis of Stress Responses (PhD) Old Dominion University, Virgina (funded by NASA Langley Research Center)
1999 Sip de Vries
Thermodynamic and Economic Principles: and the Assessment of Bioenergy (PhD) Delft University of Technology
2013 Mircea Gligor
“Thermodynamics and Statistical Models for Dissipative Socio-Economic Systems” (PhD) Alexandru loan Cuza University, lasi, Romania
Advisor: Margareta Ignat
2003 Nathaniel Umukoro
“Thermodynamics: Application of its Principles to Conflict Diagnosis, Management and Resolution in the Niger Delta of Nigeria” (MS) University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Department: humanitarian and refugee studies

2008 Stefan Pohl-Valero
“The Circulation of Energy: Thermodynamics, National Culture, and Social Progress in Spain, 1868-1890” (PhD) Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Advisor: Agusti Nieto-Galan

2010 Luis Arroyo
“A Thermal Model of the Economy” (MS) University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Department: physics
2011 Jeff Tuhtan
“A Modeling Approach for Alpine Rivers Impacted by Hydropeaking Including the Second Law Inequality” (PhD) Institute for Modeling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems at the University of Stuttgart, Germany
Consultant: Libb Thims
2015 Thomas Mapes
“Literatures of Stress: Thermodynamic Physics and the Poetry and Pross of Gerard Manley Hopkins” (PhD)


Georgia State University
Department: English
2019 Burin Gumjudpai
“Thermodynamic Formulation of Economics” (MS thesis) School of Development Economics, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand
Advisor: Yuthana Sethapramote

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