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Table of contents of Libb Thims’ 2007 Human Chemistry; chapters shown highlighted focus on introducing the "human chemical bond", which is a key needed component, in under to be able to able to "predict" human chemical reactions, with respect to the bond energy AB stored in the parental marriage bond.

In famous publications, Human Chemistry (textbook) (TR:5) (LH:4) (TL:9) refers is a 2007 two-volume textbook published by Libb Thims, outlining the basics of the science of human chemistry.


In 2007, Libb Thims published a two-volume Human Chemistry, which outlines the basic subject of “human chemistry”, historically, starting with Goethe’s 1809 Elective Affinities: On the Nature of the Choice of Our Elective Attractions (AB:6), to William Fairburn's 1914 Human Chemistry, to the present, along the way introducing the basics of the logic of human chemical reactions, from the time of Newton's "Query 31", and the new theory of the "human chemical bond".[1]


The following are related quotes:

“Thims' brilliant book Human Chemistry symbolizes the beginning of a new era (epoch) in human history.”
Georgi Gladyshev (2006), "Review of Human Chemistry manuscript"
“I enjoyed reading Thims' splendid discussion of Gibbs free energy. It is wonderful to see someone who is not afraid to look at the phenomena of life in a unified way.”
John Avery (2006), "Review of Human Chemistry manuscript"
“I finally received your two books on Human Chemistry. It is more an encyclopedia than a book but highly stimulating for my students. Thanks very much.”
Klaus Jaffe (2011), “Email to Libb Thims”, Mar 18[2]

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