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A screenshot of the Sep 2020-launched Hmolpedia Forum, at the point when it was beginning to get overrun with spam bots, as shown by the 1,000+ posts, in the general discussion.[1] The spam bot problem has since been fixed.

In forums, Hmolpedia forum (LH:1) refers to talk pages, threads, post areas, and general "forum" locations that have been used for Hmolpedia related discussion, since 2005.


In 2005, Libb Thims, when launching, the discussion forum amounted to a guest book[2] and a BlogSpot blog.[3] Little activity, however, occurred on these. Exchanges were mostly email based at this point, mixed with personal meet ups and events.


On 6 Dec 2007, Thims launched the Human Chemistry 101 YouTube channel.[4] The channel has had 2.7M views (Sep 66AE), and threads below each video have been a main “forum” for Hmolpedia related talk and discussion.

On 22 Sep 2014, Thims launched the Atheism Reviews YouTube channel, for atheism and religion related videos, talk, and discussion.[5] This channel has had 120K views (Sep 66AE).


A screen shot of the WB archived version of the Hmolpedia 2020 forum.[6]

On 24 Dec 2007, Thims launched Hmolpedia, via the URL (Hmolpedia 2020). This became an active location for dialogue, until Sep 2020, when the host platform, then named WikiFoundry, run by Travis Derouin, began to be decommissioned. The threads are now archived below each article and the main page via WayBack machine.[7]

MediaWiki | Talk pages

In Sep 2020, Thims started a new Hmolpedia platform, at, and split Hmolpedia into (a) Hmolpedia 2020, an archived version, and (b) a new Hmolpedia edition (this wiki). The talk pages of the new MediaWiki based Hmolpedia can be used as forum discussion pages. These, however, have had no activity; presumably, because the new user spam filters, added by Thims, requiring users to answer three basic science or rather hmolscience related questions, are so strong.[8]

phpBB | Forum

On 21 Sep 2020, Thims, to replace the old Wetpaint-based forum, launched a new Hmolpedia Forum, using phpBB forum software.[1]


In Jul 2009, Thims started Twitter via @LibbThims.[9] This has been since a working location for dialogue.


On 23 Jul 2015, Thims joined Reddit as user u/JohannGoethe. In about 2017, the Hmolpedia sub was requested; Hmolpedia articles discussions previous to this scattered around Reddit via key terms searches "". Thims, in turn, following this first request, started the following Reddit subs:

Started Sub Members Upvotes
23 Jul 2015 u/JohannGoethe 23
22 Feb 2018 r/Hmolpedia[10] 856 5.3[11]
29 Jan 2019 r/RealGeniuses[12] 1,511
5 Feb 2019 r/ReligioMythology[13] 260
7 Feb 2021 r/AtheismPhilosophy[14] 25
10 Sep 2021 r/AskThermodynamics[15] 27

End matter


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