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In maps, histomap (TR:5) (LH:5) (TL:10) is a 5-foot long 1931 map, made by John Sparks, showing the global powers, over four-thousand years of human history, from 2000BC (Aegeans, Egyptians, Hittites, Amorites, Iranians, Indians, Huns, and Chinese), each nations power, per decade or 50-year period, indicate by map width space allocation, to 1950AD (Latin America, America, British Empire, continental European powers, USSR, and Asiatic powers), with the last 20-years being projections.


In 1931, John Sparks, published his “Histomap”, a portmanteau of “history” + “map”, showing the global power distributions proportioned to size. The map was accompanied by a foreword explaining the purpose and layout of the history.[1] The map was 5-foot long (width: 31cm, height: 158cm), which folded into a green cover, and sold for $1 dollar, which had the abstract: “5-foot-long Histomap was sold for $1 and folded into a green cover, which featured endorsements from historians and reviewers.”


The following is the Sparks’ histomap:


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