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In existographies, Herodotus (2439-2380 BE) (484-425 BCM) (IQ:175|#281) (Cattell 1000:202) (RGM:232|1,350+) (PR:75|65AE / historian:1) (GHE:4) (ACR:28) (ESA:11) (CR:85) (LH:9) (TL:94|#112) was a Greek historian, “father of history” (Cicero, 50BC), noted for []


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The following are quotes by Herodotus:

“There is also another sacred bird, called the phoenix, which I have never seen except in a picture; for it seldom makes its appearance among them, only once in five hundred years, as the Heliopolitans affirm: they say that it comes on the death of its sire. If he is like the picture, he is of the following size and description: The plumage of his wings is partly golden-colored, and partly red; in outline and size he is very like an eagle. They say that he has the following contrivance, which in my opinion is not credible. They say that he comes from Arabia, and brings the body of his father [god name] to the temple of the sun, having enclosed him in myrrh, and there buries him in the temple. He brings him in this manner: first he molds an egg of myrrh as large as he is able to carry; then he tries to carry it, and when he has made the experiment, he hollows out the egg, and puts his parent into it, and stops up with some more myrrh the hole through which he had introduced the body, so when his father is put inside, the weight is the same as before: then, having covered it over, he carries him to the temple of the sun in Egypt. This they say is done by this bird.”
Herodotus (c.435), The Histories (pgs. 110-11)[1]

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  1. Herodotus. (435BC). Histories (translator: David Grene) (pgs. 110-11). Chicago, 1987.

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