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In existographies, Hermann Helmholtz (134-61 BE) (1821-1894 ACM) (IQ:195|#11) (RGM:214|1,350+) (Becker 160:121|3L) (Simmons 100:63) (TR:369) (LH:3) (TL:394|#14) was a German physicist, philosopher, and physician, noted for []


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The following are quotes on Helmholtz:

“I believe it is a common saying that Helmholtz was the last of the last universal geniuses, and we are fast arriving at the point where even a single subject becomes too vast for one man. At any rate, whether or not any of my learned colleagues could write an entire chemical engineering handbook, I could not—hence the present [multiple contributor] form.”
— Donald Liddell (1922), Handbook of Chemical Engineering

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The following are quotes by Helmholtz:

“If failure attends all our efforts to obtain a generation of organisms from lifeless [inert] matter, it seems to me a thoroughly correct procedure to inquire whether there has ever been an origination of life [?], or whether it is not as old as matter, and whether its germs, borne from one world to another, have not been developed wherever they have found a favorable soil [ground].”
— Hermann Helmholtz (1874), “On the Use and Abuse of the Deductive Method in Physical Science” [1]

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  • Helmholtz, Hermann. (1882). “On the Thermodynamics of Chemical Processes” (pdf), in: Physical Memoirs Selected and Translated from Foreign Sources, 1: 43-97. Physical Society of London, Taylor and Francis, 1888.

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