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A map[1] of Egypt, showing Heliopolis, home of the Heliopolis creation myth, Memphis, home to the Unas Pyramid Texts, and Alexandria, home to the Library of Alexandria.

In Egypt, Heliopolis (TR:63) (LH:14) (TL:77), hieroglyph: Heliopolis H1.png, aka An, Anu, Annu (Massey, 1907), Junu, or Iunu, rendered as Heliopolis, in Greek, meaning "city (polis) of the sun god (Helios)", or "On" in Hebrew, refers to []


The main for Heliopolis, according to Wallis Budge (1920), is a pillar or obelisk with a cross on it Heliopolis H1 P1.png, the water wave symbol , or god Nun symbol, and a sun with a cross in it Heliopolis H1 P3.png, and or a sun inside of an eclipse, and a half-circle Heliopolis H1 P4.png, which is bread symbol.[2]

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