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Left: the Egyptian version of "Horus the child", i.e. the anthropomorphized rendition of the morning sun born out of a lotus. Right: the Greek rescript of Horus the child as "Harpocrates", sitting on a lotus cup.

In religio-mythology, Harpocrates, aka “Har-pe-chrot” (Erman, 1934), is the Egyptian name and or rescript of “Horus the child”, one of the Egyptian models of the the “morning sun”[1], as opposed to the "noon sun" or "sun set" sun.


The following shows a 37AD depiction of the sun, in the form of a bulb of light, being born out of a lotus, the stem of which dips into the waters of the Nun, or Nile River:

Sun born out of Nun.jpg

Alternative renditions of this picture, can argue that the sun becomes the god "Ra" at the time of the "noon sun", then Ra or Horus the elder at the time of sunset.


The following are quotes:

“No god must have been more dear to the lower folk than Horus the child, Har-pe-chrot or as the Greek said: Harpocrates.”
— Adolf Erman (1934), The Religion of Egypt (pg. 39) [2][3]


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