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In existographies, Hans Ziegler (45 BE-30 AE) (1910-1985 ACM) (LH:1) was a Swiss-born American engineer and physicist, noted for []


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“It was Ziegler (1963, 1976) who formally set out the maximum entropy production principle, stating that where an irreversible force, Xi is prescribed, the actual flux, Ji which satisfies the condition:
maximizes the entropy production. Ziegler derived this formulation from von Mises' theory of plasticity, which states that the dissipation rate of mechanical energy in a unit volume during plastic deformation is at a maximum in a truly stressed state among all stressed states allowed by the given condition of plasticity (von Mises, 1928). Application of the MEPP to the Earth system first occurred in the field of climatology, in a series of papers by Paltridge (1975, 1979), who was examining heat flow in the atmosphere of the Earth. Paltridge had tried a number of approaches before finding that by maximizing the entropy production rate, his models came close to describing actual observations (2005). While critics have pointed out that Paltridge failed to account for radiation absorbed at the Earth's surface (e.g. Essex, 1984), later work by Shimokawa and Ozawa (2001) and Ozawa et al. (2003) demonstrated that entropy production due to absorption of solar radiation in the climate system was irrelevant to the maximized properties associated with turbulence. Indeed, the more complex the system being considered, the greater number of potential pathways, which allows the pathway generating the greatest production of entropy to be the most likely one. And nothing on Earth is as complicated as the biosphere.”
Keith Skene (2020), “In Pursuit of the Framework behind the Biosphere” [1]


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Further reading

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