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An selection of known HCT prodigies, showing highest known IQ estimate, who came to see the world via either a "affinity chemistry" and or "chemical thermodynamic" logic; a divide based on whether they were of young adult age before or after Hermann Helmholtz published his "On the Thermodynamics of Chemical Processes" (1882), wherein he proved that "free energy" is the measure of "affinity", after which chemical thermodynamics, as a new science, usurped the former science of "affinity chemistry".

In acronyms, HCT prodigy refers to a “child prodigy” who comes into existence, and quickly begins to see the world, via a “chemical affinity” (Newton, 1718) view, Johann Goethe, Percy Shelley, etc., or a “chemical thermodynamics” (Helmholtz, 1882) view, e.g. John Neumann, John Tukey, Christopher Hirata, etc., depending on point of existence origin into the universe, of human interactions, interpersonal or in bulk.

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