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A basic depiction of god fog (Thims, 2016), which tends to "fog" up normally clear thinking, when it comes to the difficult questions, such as right and wrong, good or evil, ethics, meaning, purpose, etc., which leads people to bring terms such as soul or angel into the discussion, when it comes to basis ethical questions.

In hmolscience, god fog (TR:1) (LH:1) (TL:2) refers to a metaphorical ancient mythical fog, related to the belief that the sun is a god, that resides in "all" minds, atheist, theist, or agnostic, in respect to the deeper questions.


In 1930, Herrick Judson, in his dedication "Humpty Dumpty" speech, to the new "social sciences" building of the University of Chicago, stated modern universities had become houses divided against themselves, with the physical sciences, wherein god has been expelled[1], on one side of the central quadrangle, and the social sciences, humanities, and theological department on the other, wherein god resides in latent form, with egg shell like Humpty Dumpty students sitting precariously on an invisible wall in the middle:[2]

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The following are quotes:

God is dead: but considering the state of man, there will perhaps be caves, for thousands of years, in which his shadow will be shown.”
Friedrich Nietzsche (1882), The Gay Science (pg. 108)[3]

End matter


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