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In existographies, Giordano Bruno (407-355 BE) (1548-1600 ACM) (IQ:185|#45) (ID:3.56|52) (Cattell 1000:655) (RGM:128|1,350+) (PR:136|65AE / astronomer:3) (RMS:22) (FA:61) (GAE:15) (EVT:7) (CR:121) (LH:9) (TL:134|#83) was an Italian philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and priest, noted for []



Bruno was influenced by: Democritus, Leucippus, Lucretius, Avicenna, Averroes, Nicholas of Cusa, Ibn Gabirol, Pseudo Dionysius, Bernardino Telesio, Paracelsus, Raymond Llull, Cornelius Agrippa, Erasmus, Nicolaus Copernicus.[1]


Bruno influenced: Galileo, Ernst Haeckel, John Tyndall.


Quotes | On

The following are quotes on Bruno:

Giordano Bruno was one of the earliest converts to Copernicus’ new astronomy. Taking Lucretius as his exemplar, he revived the notion of the infinity of worlds; and, combining with it the doctrine of Copernicus, reached the sublime generalization that the fixed stars are suns, scattered numberless through space and accompanied by satellites, which bear the same relation to them that our earth does to our sun, or our moon to our earth. This was an expansion of transcendent import; but Bruno came closer than this to our present line of thought. Struck with the problem of the generation and maintenance of organisms, and duly pondering it, he came to the conclusion that nature in her productions does not imitate the technic of man. Her process is one of unravelling and unfolding. The infinity of forms under which matter appears were not imposed upon it by an external artificer; by its own intrinsic force and virtue it brings these forms forth.”
John Tyndall (1874), “Atheistic Materialism”, BAAS Address (pg. 19)[2]

Quotes | By

The following are quotes by Bruno:

“Because I have tried to describe the field of nature, consider the disposition of the soul, partake of the ‘life of the mind’, and travel like a master artificer, i.e. do what Daedalus did, through the maze of the intellect, those who have regarded me have threatened me, those who have seen me have assailed me, those who have encountered me have tried to bite me, and those who have understood me have tried to destroy me; not just one, nor a few, but many, or virtually all.”
— Giordano Bruno (1584), On the Infinite Universe and Worlds (pgs. 6-7)[3]

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