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In existographies, Gilles Deleuze (30 BE-40 AE) (1925-1995 ACM) (IQ:140|#1,042) (ID:2.0|70) (RGM:732|1,350+) (PR:1,661|65AE / philosopher:104) (Becker 139:94|4L) (Listal 100:13) (HuCR:12) (GPhE:#) (CR:7) (LH:#) (TL:#) was a French atheism-themed philosopher, noted for []



Deleuze was influenced by: Lucretius, Nietzsche.


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The following are quotes:

“A fulguration has occurred… one day perhaps, the century will be Deleuzian.”
— Michel Foucault (c.1975), Publication[1]
“Beings (atoms) always occur in conjunction with other beings (atoms) amidst non-being (void). Atomic being does not simple be, it conjoins. What atomism and Deleuze do is replace the infinitive form of ‘to be’ with ‘to become’. Not only does atomism explode then organize Parmenidean being into …”
— Ryan Johnston (2016), Deleuze-Lucretius Encounter (pg. 102, 105)[2]Deleuze-Lucretius Encounter (atomic being, pg. 102, 105). Edinburgh.</ref>

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