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In existographies, Georgi Gladyshev (19- BE) (1936- ACM) (HFET19) (SNE:12) (SPE:2|2020) (CR:215) (LH:9) (TL:225|#35) is a Russian physical chemistry, evolutionist, and philosopher, noted for []


Gladyshev's 1997 Thermodynamics Theory of the Evolution of Living Beings, introduced a Gibbs energy based theory of evolution, in opposition to the Prigogine dissipative structures model.

In 1978, Gladyshev, in his “On the Thermodynamics of Biological Evolution”, outlined a Russian doll style Gibbs energy theory of evolution and sociology, modeled on the movement of particles in chromatography columns (compare: Lange), conceived in opposition to Prigogine’s “dissipative structures” theory (Nobel Prize, 1977)

In 1990s, Gladyshev outline an anti-aging thermodynamics of foodstuff theory.

In 1997, Gladyshev, in his Thermodynamics Theory of the Evolution of Living Beings (pg. 117), quantified macro-evolution of species via the following formula:

In 2005 to 2012, Gladyshev worked with Thims, on Hmolpedia and HCT, which ended in via the defunct theory of life debate (2009-2012), wherein Gladyshev would not concede to that one cannot defined, chemically, physically, or thermodynamically, an origin "point" of life, in the timeline of big bang to humans.


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The following are quotes by Gladyshev:

“The thermodynamics of a ‘system’, which is the basis of the present work, considers only the initial and final states, and is not interested whether the process under study occurs under equilibrium or non-equilibrium conditions. Variations of the Gibbs function of the system at any state of the evolution, e.g. ontogenesis or phylogenesis, can be calculated by means of thermodynamic methods, which do not consider time as a parameter.”
— Georgi Gladyshev (1997), Thermodynamic Theory of the Evolution of Living Beings (pgs. 2-3) [1]


  1. Gladyshev, Georgi. (1997). Thermodynamic Theory of the Evolution of Living Beings (pgs. 2-3). Nova.

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