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In existographies, George W. Tyler (c.1936-) (SPE:30|66AE) is an American or English control systems engineer, of some sort, noted for []


In 1989, Tyler, in his “A Thermodynamics Model of Manpower Systems”, started with the partition function for a thermodynamic system, and via three pages of interesting but funny derivation, produced a table, shown below, listing the "calculated" entropy S, internal energy U, and Helmholtz energy A of what he called “manpower systems” of workers, sized of numbers of individuals N of 0 to 5,000: [1]

Tyler thermodynamic potentials table (1989).jpg


In 1962, Tyler became a senior scientist with the special studies group, at the Institute for Defense Analysis, Washington, D.C. (Ѻ)

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1. Tyler, George W. (1989). “A Thermodynamics Model of Manpower Systems” (jst), The Journal of the Operational Research Society, 40(2):137-39, Feb.

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