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In genius studies, genius rankings (chronology) refers to []


The following is a chronological listing of attempts to rank geniuses by IQ in the form of ranked lists; each grouped by number (#) of people in each list, or divided between number historical (#), historical candidates (C), or existive (E) people, if data is available:

Name # C E Date Maker
Terman IQ 1 1917 Lewis Terman; IQ ranking of Francis Galton as IQ 200 in youth.[1]
Termanites 1528 1921-28 a group of 1,528 children (856 males and 672 females) collected, between 1921 to 1928, by Lewis Terman, from around California, mean age 11 6 to 12 or so), labeled as "gifted" by Terman, and assigned with "genius IQs" (140+), mean IQ 151, 77 between 177 and 200.
Cox IQs[2] 300 1926 Catherine Cox, Lewis Terman, Maud Merrill; based on the top 300 minds, from the Cattell 1000, who existed between 1350 and 1850.
Mensa IQs 134K+ 1946 The first “high IQ society”, founded by Roland Berrill, a wealthy lawyer, and Lancelot Ware, a biochemistry student, the qualifications being that members had to score in the top 2% on an intelligence test; the specifics of this, however, are pretty sloppy, e.g. the first test was administered by Ware to Berrill, a "phrenologist", who declared Ware to be in the top 1% of people he had tested? The society began to fizzle in the 1950s, with 150 members, then revive later, having since churned out 134,000 paper IQs with IQ numbers of 132 and above.
Platt IQs[3] 12 1962 John Platt
Guinness Book IQs 1-3 /
1965-1989 Published an annual paragraph section titled "highest IQ", listing one to three people, with supposedly "verified" IQs in the 170 to 200-ish range; was cancelled in 1989, after Marilyn Savant scammed herself into the list, in 1987, with an IQ of 228 using an age of test taken date fudging method.[4]
Multi-Max Test 1974 Christopher Harding; mail-in ten-item multiple choice test, purported to yield an IQ of 200+ or a ceiling of 211.
Mega Test IQ[5] 1982 Ronald Hoeflin
Cooijmans IQ 1995 Paul Cooijmans; began making his own IQ tests and selling them in Mensa International Journal.
Buzan IQs[6] 100 1994 Tony Buzan, Raymond Keene
Norlinger IQs 22 1998 Ulf Norlinger
Gεπ1us Tεst IQs[7] 1999
Esquire (Nov 1999).jpg
A test published in the Nov 1999 issue of Esquire magazine genius issue, depicting Christopher Langan on the cover with title "Smartest Man in America"[8], test makers: Jim Ferry, Nik Lygeros, Bill McGaug, Heather Preston, Andreas Rottlier, John Scoville, Tommy Smith, and Wahl Patrick, purporting to yield a ceiling IQ of 160.
Choueiri IQs 115 2003 George Choueiri (see: Choueiri 115)
Simonton IQs[9] 15 2006 Dean Simonton; IQ rankings of 15 US Presidents
Thims 15 15 2008 Libb Thims (see: 15 people)
Cox-Buzan IQs[10] 23 Aug 2010 A list of the mean IQs of names common to Cox and Buzan lists
Thims 32 / Thims 40 26 14 21 Oct 2010 Libb Thims; the culmination of a decade or so research into collecting IQs cited in the 200+ range.
Genius IQs[11] 460+ 24 Oct 2011-
Jan 2014
Libb Thims; the 300 Cox IQs + 100 Buzan IQs merged into one table, with recent added IQs; with concordant re-ranking of geniuses and their IQs, as the list developed and progressed.
Michael IQs 50 2012 Economakis Michael[12]
Singh IQs 113 2014 Inderjit Singh[13]; list made amid a year of talk discussion about geniuses in the Hmolpedia 2020 forums.
Top 500 geniuses 502 Jun 2017 Libb Thims; the "Genius IQs" list renamed, and divided into ten wiki pages.
SK 100 100 Feb 2019 u/SpergingKermit (age 15); did a “Top 20 Geniuses List” (Jan 1919)[14]; a “Top 100 Geniuses List” (Feb 2019)[15]; and a 10+ projections list (10+) (10 Feb)[16].
Top 1000 geniuses 753 73 Nov 2019 Libb Thims; this was the final Hmolpedia 2020 namesake of the list.
Cox-Platt-Buzan IQs 2 2019 The mean common Cox, Platt, and Buzan IQ (Darwin: 173; Newton: 188).
Cox-Platt-Buzan-Thims IQ 2 2019 The mean common Cox, Platt, Buzan, and Thims IQs (Darwin: 175; Newton: 199) (see: CPBT IQ), used to lower the realistic genius ceiling IQ to 210, and to readjust all 135 to 210 IQs around these two so-called mean "golden IQ" standards.
Top 2000 geniuses and minds 1,094 43 67 13 Mar 2021 Libb Thims; the current form, size, and shape of the list in the new MediaWiki edition of Hmolpedia.


The following is a collection of noted, famous, or culturally discussed IQs, grouped by category:

Noted IQs Infamous IQs Other

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