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A 66AE annotated version of the "Gates model" (Thims, 2012), on a reaction coordinate.

In models, Gates model (TR:5) (LH:#) (TL:#) refers to []


In 2014, Libb Thims, during his “25 Smartest People Alive | Existive” countdown, used the reaction path of Bill Gates, then (Ѻ) ranked #20, to explain Einstein’s “divine a sense of purpose” motto in terms of riding Gibbs potentials. [1]

In 2015, Thims, during the “Zerotheism for Kids” lecture, an Ostwald-styled (see: Monistic Sunday Sermons) smart atheism Monday school, so to say, given to six kids, aged 2 to 11: girl 2, boy 6, girl 7, boy 9, girl 10, and boy 11, in Chicago, employed the Gates model again, amid showing the children Kareem Jarrah’s TED-ed “What Triggers a Chemical Reaction?” video, to explain to them how when they go out into the world, some of them, as Einstein said, may “divine a sense of purpose”, and ride these Gibbs potentials, like a surfer rides a wave, that fits into the movement of the universe, like and Adams creed wave.

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  1. Thims, Libb. (2014). “25 Smartest People Alive | Existive (2 of 5)” (YT) (3:49-8:40) video, Human Chemistry 101, Dec 11.

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