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In science, function (TR:128) (LH:6) (TL:134) refers to []


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“There’s only one substance in the universe, in man and in animals. The canary musical box is made of wood, and man is made of flesh. The canary is made of flesh, and the musician is made of flesh organized differently, but the two of them have the same origin, the same formation, the same functions, and the same end.”
Denis Diderot (1679), Alembert's Dream (character: Diderot) (§1.88)
Love is a function of x, y, and z, of a kind which is known as ‘potential’. If the wandering course of the moon, by algebra can be predicted, human affections must yield to it soon.”
— William Rankine (c.1845), “The Mathematician in Love” [1]

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  1. The Mathematician in Love – Hmolpedia 2020.

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