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A visual etymology of the semi-taboo work "fuck", from the Latin "fornicate", from the Greek letter Phi (NE:510), symbols: Φ or φ, the secret name of Ptah (NE:510), the Egyptian god of the divine fire drill which ignited the golden egg that gave birth to the sun.

In terms, fuck (LH:1), from the Latin fornicate, from the Greek phi- (NE:510) (Φ), from the Egyptian Ptah (NE:510), the god of the divine solar fire drill, refers to the act of penetration of the phallus (a phi- root word) into the vagina; to engage in fire drilling; to have sex; to make love.


The following shows basic etymology of the the Egyptian conceptual model of how the "fire drill" became the god Ptah, who made the golden egg, which, after being ignited, birthed the sun, which became coded, via cypher or secret name, into the Greek letter Phi, which became the basis behind Latin words such as phallus or fuck or fire, as shown below:

Ptah and Phi (510).png

The majority of F-based or Ph-based modern English words traced to this Egyptian fire sex model of the birth of the sun. While the details of what exactly the Egyptians believed about the act of human "sex" in respect to "fire" and child birth are lacking, given the birth of Horus aside[1], we can conjecture, based on the fact that the phoenix (or bennu) was considered the soul (or ba) of the sun god Ra, that Egyptians believed that the act of human sex ignited in the "ba" of the child, which the believed to be located in the heart, in the form of a bird.

Getting drilled

The conceptual model of Ptah as a "fire drill" in body shape, seems, accordingly to be the etymology of "getting drilled" as metaphor for getting fucked or "getting Ptahed" as the Egyptians might have said?

Making love

The metaphor of "making love" as code word for fucking, albeit with emotional connection or connotation, seems to be etymologically related to "vis or vive" of Venus, which is a rescript of Aphrodite, which is a rescript of Hathor, whose shape is that of a cow, symbolic of "milk" and the Milky Way. Hence, conjecturally, the "whiteness" of cum, ejected during sex, and the milk, produced nine months after sex, if conception occurred, may have possibly have symbolic meaning to the term "making love"?


The etymology of the "F-word" (fuck), historically, has been an unsolved subject, generally owing to the hushed and taboo nature of the word, and its banning in certain periods, in print and speech. Etymologists trace back to words such as Norwegian fukka "copulate", Swedish focka "copulate, strike, push", and fock "penis." The 15th century word "fuccant", in the sense of sex, is a pseudo-Latin word the original of which written in cipher.[2] A number of Germanic words, prior to this, are of the form: f + vowel + consonant, e.g. ficken, meaning “to move back and forth”.[3] Connective Latin to Greek etymology prior to his, however, is wanting. Nevertheless, given the knowledge that phallus and fellatio are known to connectively link back via Latin to Greek, as phi-based words, we can intuitively conjecture that the F-word has the same basic etymology, such as illustrated adjacent.

While details of the Egyptian model, understanding, or idea behind sexual reproduction are lacking, we do know that via the Prometheus myth, which is a Ptah rescript[4], that the fire drill made "divine fire" of Ptah was stolen from the gods to give clay humans so-called mythical "life". We also know that sometime hereabouts, the model was developed that humans were "alive" owing to a believed to be "fire" burning in the third ventral of heart (Galen, 180). Possibly, in this sense, the Egyptians may have had the idea in mind that the act of copulation, and the sexual heat and friction involved, similar to the friction that makes fire when wood rubs together[5], worked to ignite a fire in the uterus, which started "life", or rather started a fire in the heart of the embryo, or rather "ba" or soul of the newly-formed child. The Egyptians, e.g., believed that the bennu bird (aka phoenix) was the soul (or ba) of Ra the sun god.

This logic may have been embedded in the Egyptian human model, at the time (1000BC) when the Greek alphabet solidified, amid the period when Greeks were studying at the Egyptian colleges of Memphis and Heliopolis. We also note that belief in Ptah was so dominate when the Greeks were rising as a civlization, that they named the named the entire country of Egypt after the god Ptah, i.e. Greek Aigyptos, meaning "house of Ptah".


The following are quotes:

“No, it [fucking] starts a fire in the heart.”
— Tom Slider (66AE), reply, over the phone, to Libb Thims, after Thims sent him the “F-word etymology” Reddit image[6] and explained the Ptah as fire drill etymology of the term "fuck"[7]

End matter


  1. Note: we do, however, know the details of the "black rite" act so-called "virgin birth", or conception without penetration, of Horus, from the kite form of Isis and the mummy form of Osiris; this, however, is a different mythos. The Ptah myth stems from Memphis.
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