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In existographies, Friedrich Lange (1828-1875 ACM) (IQ:165|#608) (CR:29) (LH:1) (TL:30) was a German philosopher and historian, noted for his 1865 The History of Materialism and Critique of its Present Importance.[1]


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“All I need is Kant, Schopenhauer, and this book by Lange, and I can do the whole thing. I don’t need anything else!”
Friedrich Nietzsche (1861), Source

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Democritus also mastered the whole extent of the science of his time, and that probably with greater independence and thoroughness than was the case with Aristotle; but we have no trace whatever of his having brought all these sciences under the yoke of his system.”
— Friedrich Lange (1875), The History of Materialism, Volume One (pg. 82)


  1. Lange, Fredrich. (1873). The History of Materialism: and Criticism of its Present Importance, Volumes 1-3 (translator: Ernest Chester; Introduction: Bertrand Russell). Humanities Press, 1950.

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