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In existographies, Foad Aghamiri (10- AE) (1965- ACM) is an Iranian chemical engineering, and engineering professor, noted for []


Bazargan | Translation

See main: Bazargan translation project

On 20 Jan 2021, Aghamiri, after exchanging a few test translations with Libb Thims, confirmed that he will do the first Farsi-to-English translation of Mehdi Bazargan's 1956 The Thermodynamics of Humans.[1] Aghamiri and Thims have agreed to coordinate on the translation. Aghamiri doing the bulk of the translation; Thims proofreading the translation, with focus on the technical parts, and getting peer review. The introductory parts, wherein Bazargan talks about why he was in prison when he wrote the book, will be moved to the end matter. Aghamiri will add explanatory footnotes to things like the Persian poets and certain Quranic verses, which the English reader might not be familiar with.


In 1998, Aghamiri completed his PhD, with a thesis on “Statistical Thermodynamic Study of Hydrogen Bond Effects of Phase Equilibria”, at Amir-Kabir University of Technology (Tehran polytechnic), Tehran, Iran.[2] He has since published extensively in the field of thermodynamics.

Presently, Aghamiri is chemical engineering professor, affiliated with Isfahan University, who presently is a visiting professor at the University of Toronto.

Aghamiri has a strong command of Persian and English languages, and who has a deep understanding of Mehdi Bazargan and his work, might be interested in doing the translation, and or part of the translation, and being either the author or co-author of the book?

End matter


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  2. Seyed Foad Aghamiri (about) – Jami Institute of Technology.

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