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The basic etymology of "existive", a portmanteau of "react-ive exist-ence" (Thims, 2015); the replacement for the defunct term "alive" (Crick, 1966).

In terms, existive (TR:41) (LH:8) (TL:49) refers to any "existing" thing that has "faculty of reaction" (Lubicz, 1949) or "reactive existence" (Thims, 2015); existive is the current leading physico-chemically neutral term replacement for the now-defunct classified term "alive" (Crick, 1966).


In 322BC, Aristotle described things as "existents" or non-existents.

In 2007 to 2012, the defunct theory of life debate occurred, amid which life terminology reforms began to actuate, wherein historically-tested thermodynamically-neutral upgrade terms were used in place of all defunct terms; the following being on example, wherein “alive” was replaced with any existing thing with “high faculty of reaction”:

“I propose the following definition, which is applied to everything, including minerals: ‘life is the faculty of reaction.’ Everything in the universe tends toward inertia, or absence of reaction. The proof of this inertia, which thermodynamics seeks in ‘absolute zero,’ has never been given, nor will it ever be, because absolute inertia can only be attained through the cessation of the formed matter or ‘thing’. This would be the moment the thing ceased to exist. Every thing ‘existing’ is capable of reaction, insofar as it has ‘weight’, that is, fixed or specific energy. The vital phenomenon is the faculty of reacting, and to manifest itself this reaction requires a resistance of the same nature as the action.”
— Rene Lubicz (1949), The Temple of Man

In 2012, Libb Thims, on the Goethe timeline employed the terms “reaction start”, “reaction existence”, and “reaction end”, for the defunct terms: birth, life, and death.

In 2013, Thims, amid drafting the “smartest person alive” article, renamed it to “smartest person alive | existive”, so to use non-anthropomorphic, physico-chemically neutral language, intelligence language.

On 30 Jun 2015, Thims started the “existive” article, explaining how the term existive is a portmanteau of “react-ive exist-ence”.[1]

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