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In religio-mythology, evil (TR:390) (LH:1) (TL:391), as compared to "good", refers to []


The following are quotes:

“A long time ago religion made a pact with science, with Mr. Descartes, I guess his name was, where he didn’t want to be burned at the stake, so he agreed with religion, that religion would take over the spiritual aspects, regarding god or the higher being, and science would relegate itself to the physical. So, my question is: when is science going to forget Descartes, and start focusing on what, you know, creates ‘evil’, and so on, for instance, and those things that have been relegated to religion? Why doesn’t science now, start focusing in that direction, so that we can get a clearer picture of things?”
— Carmella (2010), “Audience Question”, Does God Have a Future? debate [1]
Thims’ thermodynamic coupling proof that ‘good always triumphs over evil’ is nothing but ‘calculus coated woo’, hidden behind a smokescreen of rhetorical mathematics.”
— Ryan Grannell (2011), “On Human Chemistry” [2]


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