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In terms, equilibrium (TR:522) (LH:7) (TL:529) refers to []


The following are quotes:

“I worked this out in detail—the principle that the maximum value of entropy indicates a state of equilibrium, according to which all the laws of physical and chemical equilibrium follow from a knowledge of entropy—during the following years, in a number of different researches. First, in investigations on the changes in physical state, presented in my probationary paper at Munich in 1880, and later in studies on gas mixtures. All my investigations yielded fruitful results. Unfortunately, however, as I was to learn only subsequently, the very same theorems had been obtained before me, in fact partly in an even more universal form, by the great American theoretical physicist Willard Gibbs, so that in this particular field no recognition was to be mine.”
Max Planck (1948), Scientific Autobiography (pg. 20) [1]

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  1. Planck, Max. (1948). Scientific Autobiography (pg. 20). Publisher.

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