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In occupations, engineer (CR:5) (LH:6) (TL:11) refers to one who works or studies in the field of engineering.


The following are the top engineers, according to Pantheon’s historical popularity index (HPI) ranking (PR) of the top 350 engineers, as of 2020 (65AE):[1]

# Person Country
Gustave Eiffel French
Gottlieb Daimler German
Zhuge Liang Chinese
Mikhail Kalashnikov Russian
Wernher Braun
Sadi Carnot
(159-123 BE)
(1796-1832 ACM)
Frederick Taylor American
Sergei Korolev
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Sebastien Vauban
Otto Lilienthal
Jack Kilby
Hermann Oberth
William Rankine
(135-83 BE)
(1820-1872 ACM)
Philo of Byzantium
Theodore Karman
Oliver Heaviside
Harry Nyquist
Petrus Peregrinus
Vannevar Bush
Stephen Timoshenko
(77 BE-17 AE)
(1878-1972 ACM)
George Cayley
Robert Stephenson
Charles Rolls
Ferdinand Porsche
John Smeaton
Marc Seguin
Louis Dollo
W. Ross Ashby

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